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New York City
Great Britain v2.0
Perfect Station and Co
The Adam Corporation
Kevin's 2082 TT game

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Kevin's 2082 TT game
Volcano Arcepelago
Swansea Valleys
Miami to South America
Large Cities with Subways
Oil Heaven

Welcome to the Ultimate Transport Tycoon Game Repository. This is a large collection of many Transport Tycoon saved games, scenarios, maps and other TT-related things.

The Repository contains all the games listed in the old "Download Games from the Internet" list from the Transport Tycoon Saved Game Manager (versions 1.2 or earlier) by Owen Rudge. Not all of the items have descriptions yet - if you could write one, it would be greatly appreciated! Click here to e-mail me.

You can find games in many ways. The new Search feature is now active. The Browse page lets you browse through every game on the site. Alternatively, you could see what others are downloading and use the Top Downloads, Most Highly Rated Games and Latest Additions lists to help you choose.

When you've found a game you like, check out the forums and converse with other users. Also, if you've created a scenario or played a game, why not share it with the rest of the community. Upload it somewhere, then click here to submit it. If you need hosting, e-mail me.

There is plenty here to keep even the most hardcore TT fan busy, so please explore the site! If you have any comments or queries, please e-mail me!

Owen Rudge
(web site:

Latest News: UTTGR version 2 - have your say!
06th August 2004 - 23:09:26
I am currently working on version 2 of the Repository. This will be a complete overhaul of the Repository, written from scratch, with a new site design. Also, all games will be stored on the server, so no more broken links! Not only that though, but the site will be able to offer you very detailed information on games, such as maps, statistics, and more, before you even download them! More flexibility will be given with TTDPatch configurations and graphic sets, where appropriate, and the site will also be able to host OpenTTD games. See this topic on The Transport Tycoon Forums for more information, and feel free to contribute ideas or comments to the topic, or alternatively e-mail them to me. This is your chance to shape the future of this site!

Click here to view the news archive.

Latest Additions
A (hopefully) realistic map of Japan, temperate climate.
A realistic Europe map
South Hampshire v2
South Hampshire v2 map With Fixes And Additions
PKP s.a., Poland
Large map of transport network based on my own Map of Poland
Outrageous Outback II
Record breaking 1,250,000 pop. city
InterTrans 2028
Contains a huge 137 train network.
Out of Africa
Cities with lots of industries
Extreme Cities
Largest city in TTDLX history
A.S. Transport
A complex, large, savegame with all industries connected to one factory
Oil Heaven
Huge cities!

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