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New York City
Great Britain v2.0
Perfect Station and Co
The Adam Corporation
Kevin's 2082 TT game

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Kevin's 2082 TT game
Volcano Arcepelago
Swansea Valleys
Miami to South America
Large Cities with Subways
Oil Heaven

The Ultimate Transport Tycoon Game Repository is a collection of saved games, scenarios, utilities and more for the Transport Tycoon series of games by Chris Sawyer. I hope it will eventually become the site with the biggest list of games and scenarios for TT on the web.

I already have a list of saved games and scenarios for TT in the form of my Download Games from the Internet feature in the Saved Game Manager. However, this just presented you with a list of games with a short description, and no means of searching, or commenting on games. Also, the description was extremely short, and didn't always provide a lot of information on the games.

Recently I was thinking about dynamic sites and databases, etc, and thought, "I'd like to create a truly dynamic site". And indeed I did - you're viewing it right now.

It took a while to perfect the design and layout, but that is complete. It is recommended you view the site with Internet Explorer 4 or later, as this site uses a lot of CSS. Netscape 4.x can display the site fairly well, but not perfectly. I've tested the site with Mozilla 0.9, and it displayed it perfectly.

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