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New York City
Great Britain v2.0
Perfect Station and Co
The Adam Corporation
Kevin's 2082 TT game

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Kevin's 2082 TT game
Volcano Arcepelago
Swansea Valleys
Miami to South America
Large Cities with Subways
Oil Heaven

Here are a few questions that you might have. If you have others, please e-mail me.

Q: What is the Ultimate Transport Tycoon Game Repository?

A: The Ultimate Transport Tycoon Game Repository is a collection of saved games, scenarios, utilities and more for the Transport Tycoon series of games by Chris Sawyer. I hope it will eventually become the site with the biggest list of games and scenarios for TT on the web. It's already heading that way, with well over 240 saved games and scenarios.

Q: Why did you create the Repository?

A: Recently I was thinking about dynamic sites and databases, etc, and thought, "I'd like to create a truly dynamic site". Also, I already have a list of saved games and scenarios for TT (in the form of my Download Games from the Internet feature in the Saved Game Manager), but this is very limited. It just presented you with a list of games with a short description, and no means of searching, or commenting on games. There was very little information on each game too. So I decided to create something to forfil both aims, and the result is what you're viewing now.

Q: Where can I get this Saved Game Manager you speak about?

A: You can get the Transport Tycoon Saved Game Manager from It is a utility that allows you to copy, move, compress and decompress saved games, as well as get information on them. It also contains a Download Games from the Internet feature, which presents a list of games plus a short description, and an Install Games from ZIP feature. I'm thinking of possibly adding an interface to this site from the Manager in a future version.

Q: The rating averages sometimes don't add up!

A: This problem is due to the fact that PHP doesn't round numbers up or down properly. If it did it properly, 3.5, for example, should become 4, while 3.2 should become 3). However, PHP just chops the decimals off, so 3.5 becomes 3.

Q: How can I submit a game?

A: You can submit a game by filling in the form here. Please remember that you have to upload your files to a hosting provider (e.g. your ISP) - this site does not host games.

Q: Why hasn't my game appeared?

A: Your game may not have been verified yet. It usually takes up to 24 hours before a game is verified. There may be some other problem though, in which case, I may e-mail you to notify you of the delay.

Q: How can I edit the details of my game?

A: At present, it is only possible for me to edit game details. In the future I will add username support so anyone with a game can use their username to edit details.

If you want to edit your game details now (eg, you've changed URL), please e-mail me stating the game name and ID number. You can find the ID number by either hovering over the "Click here to download...." link and noting the bit after the ?id= part (eg, downgame.php?id=26), or right-clicking on the page and choosing Properties (if you are using IE), or Copy Link Location (if using Netscape), and noting the ID number at the end of the address. If you still can't find the ID number, just tell me the game name and some details on where you found it.

If you prefer, you can view this with the questions and answers on seperate pages.

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