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Kevin's 2082 TT game
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New York City

Author: Unknown (Search for other games by Unknown)
Date Added: 2001-06-23
Game Date: 2122
Cash: £157,651,786
Game Type: Saved Game
Vehicles: 69 trains, 5 road vehicles, 22 aircraft
No. Competitors: 0
Average Rating: Average (3)
Found on site: Transport Tycoon Deluxe Scenarios

The author of this saved game says:

"This is not a playable scenario (well, it is, but..). Rather, this is to perhaps show your visitors the most complex TTD layout they will ever see, which I think is saying a lot, considering how complex some people's scenarios get.

"I started with a New York City / Manhattan Scenario that I saw on your website [Scenarios for TTD] and started building.. and building. More can be added, and I probably will continue to refine this from time to time, but at some point I figured I should just stop and send this to you. At some point in this game, I stopped caring about the actual vehicles.. hence, what's running is pretty old and beaten down.

"Whoever downloads this can take it upon themselves to repair the fleet. I also did not invest in aviation at all.. at some point, this scenario became an exercize in stuffing as many trains (or, more precisely: train, monorail, and maglev TRACKS) into a dense urban environment as I could. As I said, there's still some improvements that can be made.. but I think the average user will be impressed with not just the number, but the complexity of the routes laid.

"No cheats of any kind were used. In building this, many hundreds of millions of dollars were wasted. Tunnels that cost over $100m were destroyed and re-built several times to gain a square. The scenario is very profitable, but that was never the goal. I estimate about $5,000,000,000 (5 _billion_) was spent on construction in this layout, though the actual figure might be as high as $10B."

Click here to download New York City (132KB).



Name: Owen Rudge  
Date: 2001-06-23 13:38:35 
Title: GREAT GAME!  
Comments: I downloaded this and I must say it is excellent! It has the most complicated train network I think I've ever seen! And pretty much the entire map is covered with city (or water). The oil rigs are served by an interesting network of trains. DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!
Rating: Outstanding 

Name: Adam Trevorrow  
Date: 2001-08-11 05:34:06 
Title: Good but needs improving  
Comments: This is a great game, I reccomend you download it - BUT - the person who made this should use signals more. There are a few tracks that don't have any signals for miles. And the trains themselves hardly move - mostly because they're either broken down or behind a train that's broken down. Still download it - worth a look!
Rating: Excellent 

Name: Michael Mets  
Date: 2002-02-12 19:24:14 
Title: Something missing  
Comments: The layout alone would be better but the trains are breaking down and crumbling.
Rating: Good 

Date: 2002-03-04 15:47:25 
Rating: Good 

Date: 2002-07-15 04:40:01 
Rating: Good 

Name: Scotia  
Date: 2002-08-05 02:24:41 
Title: Geez  
Comments: Update the bloody trains, have it running efficiently, it's not that bloody hard !
Rating: Very Poor 

Name: trish  
Date: 2002-09-16 16:24:19 
Title: theme park  
Rating: Good 

Date: 2002-10-05 07:38:50 
Title: WOW  
Comments: This is very NICE map, how PRETTY YU MUST HAVE IT. I' waiting at full map.
Rating: Outstanding 

Date: 2002-10-09 15:56:35 
Rating: Good 

Name: cesar  
Date: 2002-10-10 07:12:24 
Title: quiero el puto juego  
Comments: what i have to do to download free tranport tycoon_
Rating: Excellent 

Name: karel  
Date: 2002-11-29 06:40:46 
Comments: Nice but i should use more signs,looks great though job done.
Rating: Excellent 

Name: Denis  
Date: 2002-12-12 13:41:30 
Title: djuro  
Comments: OK
Rating: Excellent 

Name: ZIG  
Date: 2002-12-13 14:07:22 
Comments: I hate NY
Rating: Appalling 

Date: 2003-01-26 04:32:36 
Rating: Good 

Name: Martin  
Date: 2003-01-27 07:46:04 
Title: TTD  
Rating: Excellent 

Date: 2003-02-19 15:07:11 
Rating: Good 

Name: Slurmz McKenzie  
Date: 2003-02-24 13:05:38 
Title: Nice one!  
Comments: I love this game. The only problem is it makes me feel like I'm crap at TTD. But I can't mark you down for that, well done!
Rating: Outstanding 

Name: Daniel Patton  
Date: 2003-03-03 00:49:08 
Title: About those oil rigs...  
Comments: It's a damn good game, but the monorails serving the oil rigs are always a bit locked up at that big station. Otherwise though, it's definitely not bad.
Rating: Excellent 

Name: ³ëÅëÀå  
Date: 2003-03-05 13:11:33 
Title: Thanks...  
Comments: If you smell what TTD is cookin!
Rating: Outstanding 

Name: Aaron Robinson  
Date: 2003-04-19 14:00:48 
Title: MR  
Comments: This may well be an old game, but it is certinly the best i have seen (of it type).
Rating: Outstanding 

Name: tahirdar  
Date: 2003-05-24 04:07:49 
Title: 225240  
Comments: transport tycoon
Rating: Good 

Name: keystrokesrfun  
Date: 2003-06-25 15:53:55 
Title: Damn  
Comments: This is so incredibly dense and complex. WOW!
Rating: Outstanding 

Name: Minkey, Jung in KOREA  
Date: 2003-08-03 21:27:08 
Title: Incredibly Complex, I think....  
Comments: also incredibly great Game. but, Newyork is so complex city. I think too.
Rating: Outstanding 

Name: sergio  
Date: 2003-08-12 16:50:37 
Rating: Good 

Name: ttdx pusher  
Date: 2003-09-10 09:18:06 
Title: Wonderfull NY  
Comments: Download It
Rating: Good 

Name: shithole  
Date: 2003-09-21 03:53:56 
Title: love it  
Comments: i love it
Rating: Outstanding 

Name: Johan Lundberg  
Date: 2003-10-05 09:00:02 
Title: Not good at all  
Comments: This is not a rail network! A real network should have everything connected to everything. And trains usually have their own rail from start to finish. 5 tracks all the way for 5 trains when I could have made 2 tracks and much more efficient. And all the trains are very old too.
Rating: Very Poor 

Name: Diógenes  
Date: 2003-10-18 14:30:49 
Title: NY, puta cidade! Valeu.  
Comments: Onde posso encontrar, se possível, mais cidades Latino-Americanas como: São Paulo e Buenos Aires, por exemplo?
Rating: Excellent 

Date: 2003-11-12 02:28:19 
Rating: Average 

Name: zeta  
Date: 2004-01-06 06:37:31 
Title: good  
Comments: this is good
Rating: Good 

Name: Santiago Arrospide  
Date: 2004-03-15 14:18:22 
Rating: Good 

Name: MArko Spiroski  
Date: 2004-03-26 14:43:29 
Comments: I dont know this web site very much but for me is good
Rating: Good 

Name: Malcolm Jamaal Warner  
Date: 2004-04-16 06:57:57 
Title: Good layout  
Comments: The network is amazing because you got it to fit in the city, but economically it could be better. The trains need fixing too.
Rating: Good 

Name: Fred Jane  
Date: 2004-05-20 16:41:18 
Title: ok  
Comments: The game is alright but the trains need fixing.
Rating: Average 

Date: 2004-08-10 07:01:01 
Rating: Good 

Date: 2004-08-10 07:01:07 
Rating: Good 

Name: @haha  
Date: 2004-05-21 21:43:32 
Rating: Good 

Name: @haha  
Date: 2004-05-21 21:45:31 
Title: Good but .....  
Comments: A great map. Onhe of the most complicated train network I've ever seen. However the train broke down easily. That the downside of the map.
Rating: Good 

Name: George  
Date: 2004-05-30 17:02:57 
Title: Nathing  
Comments: Nathing
Rating: Good 

Name: George  
Date: 2004-05-30 17:02:57 
Title: Nathing  
Comments: Nathing
Rating: Good 

Name: Dan  
Date: 2004-06-01 15:27:00 
Title: Crap  
Comments: This is really crap, it's not a network, there are very few junctions, most trains have their own track and only run between 2 stations.
Rating: Appalling 

Name: James  
Date: 2004-08-19 02:11:52 
Title: great  
Comments: i don't see very many complicated train networks cuz i don't look and can't make them lol. But i think it's great how you worked it around a large city, great job.
Rating: Excellent 

Name: Samara Barros  
Date: 2005-01-18 10:20:18 
Rating: Good 

Name: Dmytro  
Date: 2005-01-29 07:33:57 
Title: SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Comments: supe!!!!!!!!!
Rating: Outstanding 

Name: Elukka  
Date: 2005-02-08 10:27:30 
Title: Awesome!  
Comments: It's truly awesome! I'm using OpenTTD so old vehicles will be replaced automatically. :)
Rating: Excellent 

Name: margarida  
Date: 2005-02-16 10:29:55 
Title: j figjngb  
Comments: dxfh dfhj gfh
Rating: Excellent 

Name: ewald  
Date: 2005-02-28 08:03:11 
Title: best ever  
Rating: Outstanding 

Name: Viktor  
Date: 2005-04-26 12:54:50 
Title: download error  
Comments: Can anyone send this by e-mail. Download is not working. Thank you very much
Rating: Outstanding 

Date: 2005-05-28 16:42:16 
Rating: Outstanding 

Date: 2006-05-09 19:44:05 
Rating: Good 

Date: 2006-06-16 12:02:44 
Rating: Good 

Date: 2006-08-02 17:41:33 
Rating: Average 

Date: 2006-08-03 00:53:05 
Rating: Average 

Date: 2006-08-03 00:59:43 
Rating: Excellent 

Date: 2006-08-03 08:53:05 
Rating: Average 

Date: 2006-08-03 08:53:06 
Rating: Good 

Date: 2006-08-03 11:33:45 
Rating: Average 

Date: 2006-08-03 11:33:47 
Rating: Outstanding 

Date: 2006-08-03 14:56:28 
Rating: Excellent 

Date: 2006-08-03 15:16:02 
Rating: Good 

Date: 2006-08-05 01:25:47 
Rating: Good 

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