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Owen Transport Ltd: 18th Apr 2054

Author: Owen Rudge (Search for other games by Owen Rudge)
Date Added: 2001-01-16
Game Date: 2054
Cash: £571,783,134
Game Type: Saved Game
No. Competitors: 2
Average Rating: Average (3)
Found on site: Owen's Transport Tycoon Station

My current game (as of 16/1/2001). The huge mess on the left side of the map was a right pain to upgrade to monorail/maglev. (A lot of the interconnections with other networks - such as the coal network - were done with maglev). It's also annoying when trains get lost - I had a problem about this very recently.
4/3/2001: I've played on to 2073 with over 800m now. Because of servicing problems and various other things, the trains have managed to get lost, break down and so on. I have officially declared this game finished. This is my longest running game (I started it back in August 2000). Ah, it was good while it lasted.....
12/4/2001: I've got to mid-2050 in my new game now, with over 420m. My performance rating is.... 904 again! It did peak at just under 960 a while ago though.

Performance: About 904

Click here to download Owen Transport Ltd: 18th Apr 2054 (161KB).



Date: 2006-07-20 09:14:43 
Rating: Outstanding 

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