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Owen Transport Ltd: 1st Jan 1972

Author: Owen Rudge (Search for other games by Owen Rudge)
Date Added: 2000-08-23
Game Date: 1972
Cash: £11,838,809
Game Type: Saved Game
Vehicles: 21 trains, 32 road vehicles, 3 aircraft
No. Competitors: 2
Average Rating: Good (4)
Found on site: Owen's Transport Tycoon Station

This is a new set of saved games, which I started playing back in August 2000 and am still playing now (although there has been quite a big gap - I haven't played much since October). Here's a game from 1972. Compare this to the latest game below, and you'll see that some things still exist (such as the big coal mine on the west half of the map - although it's much bigger and if a train was really lost it could end up half-way across the map).

Performance: About 804

Click here to download Owen Transport Ltd: 1st Jan 1972 (132KB).



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