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Owen Transport Ltd: 1st Jan 2066

Author: Owen Rudge (Search for other games by Owen Rudge)
Date Added: 2000-09-09
Game Date: 2066
Cash: £500,282,811
Game Type: Saved Game
No. Competitors: 2
Average Rating: Good (4)
Found on site: Owen's Transport Tycoon Station

Eleven years on, and I've got four more years until the clock stops. About 4 years ago, my yearly profits were about -10 million, because many of my trains needed replacing (and they cost about 1m each), and then one of my planes crashed. Interestingly, I was just looking through my planes, and I was just about to click on a Dinger 200, and suddenly it greyed itself out. I thought "huh?", and then realised it had crashed! I'd spent 24 million on new vehicles that year! One other thing, I've had another dead oil rig bug.
BTW, I've played up to 2074 now.

Performance: About 904. What a surprise.

Click here to download Owen Transport Ltd: 1st Jan 2066 (157KB).



Name: ralphpelly  
Date: 2002-01-26 19:49:37 
Title: Sounds good  
Comments: I like the sound of this one so I think I'll download it
Rating: Outstanding 

Date: 2002-06-20 15:04:11 
Rating: Appalling 

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