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Owen Transport Ltd: 2nd Oct 2055

Author: Owen Rudge (Search for other games by Owen Rudge)
Date Added: 2000-08-12
Game Date: 2055
Cash: £401,088,638
Game Type: Saved Game
No. Competitors: 2
Average Rating: Good (4)
Found on site: Owen's Transport Tycoon Station

I've uploaded this because I've made some interesting changes to the train network. The changes are to the following stations: Winwell Transfer, Harninghall Mines, Plarningbury East (formerly Plarningbury Woods) and Darfingway North. A few of my productive coal mines (including the 900,000 a year one) have halved production (typical) and I've just been asked if I want to buy Donthill Transport. The only thing they've been doing is taking my coal (New Flunningwell Mines). In three months they will be gone. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

"In three months they will be gone" - I spoke too soon! A little update: About a year on, and the ex-900,000 a year train now earns about 600,000 a year, Donthill Transport were so nearly made bankrupt, but were taken over by Wutbourne Transport (which means they still have the coal: GRRRRR!). However, I then took over both companies by taking over Wutbourne. As I'd sold my coal trucks a little earlier, I kept theirs, but renewed them (after selling some of the other vehicles because I'd reached my limit - 80 road vehicles is not enough!!!). So now I await a new rival, what is it now, my 6,257,323rd rival? :-)

Performance: About 904

Click here to download Owen Transport Ltd: 2nd Oct 2055 (159KB).



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