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Game: 1957 (includes above)

Author: Kevin Bunyan (Search for other games by Kevin Bunyan)
Date Added: 0000-00-00
Game Date: 1957
Cash: £18,612,835
Game Type: Saved Game
Vehicles: 50 trains, 3 road vehicles
No. Competitors: 0
Average Rating: Unrated
Found on site: Kevin's Transport Tycoon Original page

This is a Transport Tycoon Original game.
I have concentrated on building an underground network in some towns. In one there's 3 stations, serviced by 3 trains. It's not a great success yet, but it will probably improve when the town expands. At the moment the catchment area is pretty small, but there is a bare minimum of track interference to the town. As a result of my actions the town aren't too impressed with me.

NOTE: This archive also contains this game.

Click here to download Game: 1957 (includes above) (238KB).



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