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Bait & Switch Transport Co.

Author: James Baughn (Search for other games by James Baughn)
Date Added: 0000-00-00
Game Date: 2046
Cash: £303,445,016
Game Type: Saved Game
Vehicles: 49 trains, 7 road vehicles, 2 aircraft, 25 ships
No. Competitors: 0
Average Rating: Very Poor (1)
Found on site: The Transport Tycoon Semi-FAQ

The year is 2046, you have over half a billion dollars, and a profitable train network. Three coal mines near each other spit out 1000+ tonnes/month, making for a nice profit. Also has some "unique" train layouts, and several profitable boat and plane routes.

This game is set in the temperate climate.

Click here to download Bait & Switch Transport Co. (160KB).



Name: Owen Rudge  
Date: 2001-06-03 20:07:27 
Title: I like this game!  
Comments: I like this game! It's very interesting and generally fun to mess around with.
Rating: Excellent 

Name: Ben Cookman  
Date: 2002-10-21 14:56:21 
Title: Spaghetti!  
Comments: I like this set-up a lot!
Rating: Excellent 

Name: Richard Jenkins  
Date: 2003-05-04 09:46:21 
Title: Experiments  
Comments: Great for getting to know large train layouts or for tests! :-)
Rating: Outstanding 

Name: tahirdar  
Date: 2003-05-30 05:19:02 
Title: transport tycoon deluxe  
Comments: transport tycoon delxe
Rating: Good 

Name: Jos Graviton  
Date: 2003-12-29 16:26:47 
Title: Great game  
Comments: this is a great game with a good layout.
Rating: Excellent 

Name: Jonathan Goodman  
Date: 2004-01-22 07:52:51 
Rating: Good 

Name: Jonathan Goodman  
Date: 2004-01-22 07:54:49 
Title: Amazing game  
Comments: A great game to play whenever bored
Rating: Outstanding 

Date: 2004-05-30 09:46:28 
Rating: Good 

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