Welcome to Transport Tycoon Saved Game Manager Help

Thank you for downloading the Transport Tycoon Saved Game Manager. The Saved Game Manager lets you manage all your Transport Tycoon saved games and scenarios, no matter what type they are (single player, multiplayer, "prebuilt" games). It works with both Transport Tycoon and Transport Tycoon Deluxe games. Here are some of the features of the Manager:

The Saved Game Manager also includes a small DOS utility named TTDIR. This lets you view a directory listing, and includes the Transport Tycoon game title in the listing. Type TTDIR /? at the command prompt for more information on TTDIR.

I want your feedback!

I am very interested in what people think of the Manager and this help file. Please take a few minutes to send me an e-mail, saying what you think of the Saved Game Manager and this help file, and what you think could be improved. You can e-mail me at ttsgm@orudge.freeuk.com. Thanks!

Owen's Transport Tycoon Station

This program was written by me, Owen Rudge. Please visit my site at www.owenrudge.co.uk, and my Transport Tycoon Station. You can find the Saved Game Manager web site at www.savedgamemanager.uk.tt. Also, if you are looking for some new saved games and scenarios to play, check out The Ultimate Transport Tycoon Game Repository. You can search the Repository from the Saved Game Manager easily - just type something in the little box in the top right hand corner of the screen, and you will be taken to the Repository search results page.

Copyright Owen Rudge 2000-2001. All Rights Reserved. This software uses code from Info-ZIP, specifically, the files ZIP32.DLL and UNZIP32.DLL. Info-ZIP's software (Zip, UnZip and related utilities) is free and can be obtained as source code or executables from various anonymous FTP sites, including ftp.uu.net:/pub/archiving/zip/.