Function: InitExtension
Version 1.2+

Public Function InitExtension() As String

InitExtension is called when the Saved Game Manager loads. It is also called when a user chooses to install your plug-in with the Add/Remove Plug-ins dialog. It should initialise anything the plug-in needs, and return the menu item name. You should use your own error-handler here, the ErrorProc function exported from the Saved Game Manager object should not be used.


Public Function InitExtension() As String
   On Error GoTo ExtensionError
   InitExtension = "&Test Plug-in"

   Set EF = CreateObject("TTManager.ExtFunctions")

   Exit Function
ExtensionError: ' You must use your own error handler here
   MsgBox "An error has occurred: " & Err & " (" & Error(Err) & ")"
End Function