Function: ErrorProc
Version 1.2+

Function ErrorProc(Code As Integer) As Integer

This function displays the standard SGM error dialog. Code is the Visual Basic error code. You shouldn't use this function during initialisation or termination calls.

The function returns 1 if the user chose Retry, 2 if Ignore was chosen, or 3 if Abort was chosen.

NOTE: This function (well, the global Saved Game Manager error dialog actually) was broken in Saved Game Manager 2.0 - you would receive one of the Visual Basic constants vbAbort, vbRetry or vbIgnore, instead of 3, 1, or 2. The problem has been fixed in Saved Game Manager 2.1.


   On Error Goto Error

   ' ... code goes here ...
   Select Case EF.ErrorProc(Err)
      Case 1
      Case 2
         Resume Next
      Case 3
         MsgBox "Abort!"
 End Select