CSG v2 (Compressed Saved Game version 2) File Format

This topic describes the CSG v2 file format. This is used by Saved Game Manager 2.0 and higher.

A CSG file is just a ZIP file with the saved game and a special description file. Version 2 of CSG contains SGMAN.DSC for backwards compatibility, but also contains a new file, SGMANV2.DSC. Both files are plain text.

SGMAN.DSC is extended a bit. An example file follows:

Owen Transport Ltd, 3rd July 2001

This is the same as CSGv1, except there is a new line, V2, at the end. When reading a CSG file, the Manager checks for this line, and if it is found, registers the game as a version 2 file, and looks for SGMANV2.DSC.

SGMANV2.DSC is easier to extend in the future, as it uses an INI style format. An example file follows:

; Transport Tycoon Saved Game Manager ;
; Compressed Saved Game v2            ;

; This is a configuration file for a compressed saved game.
; To decompress this game, download the Transport Tycoon
; Saved Game Manager from www.savedgamemanager.uk.tt.

Date=30 July 2031
GameVer=TT Deluxe


As with INI files, you can have comments in this file. A comment starts with ; and lasts until the end of the line.

[Game] section

The Game section contains the information used by the Get Information dialog. The following entries are in it:

This is the amount of money player 1 has, in pounds.

This is the size of the loan player 1 has, in pounds.

This is the amount of money player 2 has, in pounds. This is only used for multiplayer games.

This is the size of the loan player 2 has, in pounds. This is only used for multiplayer games.

This is the date of the game. Using a long date format is preferred, to distinguish between European (DD/MM/YY) and American (MM/DD/YY) dates.

This is the climate the game is set in. The available climate values are:

Number Climate
0 Temperate
1 Sub-arctic
2 Sub-tropical
3 Toyland

This is the version of the game as a string. The possible values are TT Original, TT Deluxe or TTDPatch. The latter item was added in Saved Game Manager 2.2, and refers to TTDPatch games that use the morevehicles setting and have a filename of TRPxx.SV1 (this filename format was introduced in TTDPatch 1.8).

This is an extra piece of information the Manager uses to identify certain types of game. Currently, the only piece of information used here is Multi for a multiplayer game.

[GameType] section

The GameType section contains information used when decompressing the game. It contains information similar to that found in the FILETYPE.INI file.

This is the string at the start of the filename. The Manager takes this from the filetype information in FILETYPE.INI.

This is the file extension for the filename.

Because this format uses an INI format, newer items can easily be added. For example, when CSG v3 comes out, a new Version 3 section can be added with version 3-specific data.