Function: GetAllGames
Version 2.0+

Function GetAllGames(SourceDest As Integer) As Variant

This function returns an array of strings containing the filename of each game in the source or destination directory. If SourceDest is 1 then you will receive a list of files from the Source directory, otherwise you'll receive a list from the Destination directory.

Use the GetAllGamesCount function to find out how many files are in the directory.


Dim Games As Variant
Print "============"
Games = EF.GetAllGames(1)
For i = 1 To EF.GetAllGamesCount(1)
    Print Games(i)
Next i
Print "=========="
Games = EF.GetAllGames(2)
For i = 1 To EF.GetAllGamesCount(2)
    Print Games(i)
Next i