Install Game(s) from ZIP

The Install Games from ZIP feature makes downloading and playing saved games and scenarios easier. No longer do you have to open WinZip, extract the game to a temporary directory, check the filename manually and copy it yourself - you can get the Manager to do it for you!

To use the Install Games from ZIP feature:

1. Choose Install Game(s) from ZIP... from the Extras menu, or press CTRL+I.

2. Browse to the location of the ZIP file you want to extract and click Open.

3. Using the Browse dialog (which is very similar to the Source/Directory dialogs), choose the location to extract the game to. Note: It is recommended you extract this to a temporary directory in case you overwrite an old game.

4. The directory you selected will appear in the Source listing. You can now use the Manager's Copy or Move commands to place the game where you want!

If you have the Manager associated with TT games

If you have the Manager associated with the Transport Tycoon filetypes (use the Associate with Games option in the Options menu to do this), then you can use the games even more quickly! This assumes you are using WinZip, but other archivers such as WinRAR and PowerArchiver should work similarly:

1. Open the ZIP file in your archiver, for example, WinZip.

2. Double-click on the .SV0, .SV1, .SS0, .SS1 or .CSG file(s). The Manager should load and the Source listing will contain the file you double-clicked on.

3. Use the Manager's commands to copy the game to another directory.