Download Games from the Internet

Earlier versions of the Saved Game Manager had a Download Games from the Internet feature, which downloaded a list of saved games and scenarios from Owen's Transport Tycoon Station and presented them in a pretty basic list. This feature is no longer available in the Manager due to the launch of a new site, The Ultimate Transport Tycoon Game Repository. This contains hundreds of saved games, scenarios and a few utilities for both Transport Tycoon Original and Deluxe. Please check it out!

Hint! You can search the Repository without leaving the Manager by typing in a search phrase in the Search for a game on the Web box and clicking Go!.

If you really want the old interface

I have created a plug-in that can download the game list from the Game Repository and present it in a list similar to the old Download Games from the Internet feature. This works with Saved Game Manager 1.2 or higher and will be available to download from the Repository soon (as of 12th August 2001). It does provide more detail though, and the games are split up into Saved Games, Scenarios and Utilities sections.