Decompressing a game

The Saved Game Manager includes a compression feature which can reduce the size of your games by over 50%. Before you can play a compressed game, you must decompress it first. To decompress a game:

Selecting games to decompress1. Click on the little boxes next to the games you want to decompress.

2. From the Game menu, choose Decompress and then choose Source Games if you want to decompress games in the Source directory, or Dest Games if you want to decompress games in the Destination directory.

3. The games will be decompressed. This is generally a lot quicker than compression, but may take a little while depending on how many games you selected, and the place they are stored from (decompressing games on a slow network will take longer than decompressing games on a local hard disk).

Decompressing games from Windows Explorer

If you have associated the TTD filetypes with the Manager, you can decompress saved games and scenarios without leaving Explorer. To do this, simply right-click on a game (or range of games) and choose Decompress.